Wednesday, June 10, 2009

back from the dead

My blog is back from the dead. (Not me - I'm not a zombie. duh.) After a semester of neglect, I have decided to continue with the blog even though twitter will still be a much more immediate and consistently updated venue for my thoughts.

The last few months (i.e., the spring semester) was crazy and I have only recently begun to feel like things are back to "normal". I was taking two classes, teaching a class, and doing research. Oh, and working on my comprehensive exam and presenting at two conferences. All that stress is finally behind me and now I can concentrate on making my dissertation proposal (which I hope to have approved by the end of the summer) as awesome as possible. My research is still really interesting and is going pretty well. I just keep having minor panic attacks that the game/technology won't be ready in time and that it won't work and that the kids aren't going to like it and I won't be able to get any decent data and my data won't say anything interesting. So, no big deal, really.

Plans for the summer include: finally reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest (with the Infinite Summer groups here on the intertubes), going camping a bunch, going to a conference in Michigan, going to a big research group meeting in Minnesota (I think), possibly going to my aunt and uncle's cabin on the Twin Lakes in California, and of course, working working working on my research.

I have also decided to start capitalizing sentences here. I'm not sure why.

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