Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween 2007

so we all celebrated Halloween last weekend, on Friday, with a big party at Steve and Keely's house. there were lots of good costumes and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (maybe a few people a little too much). all I can say is that I had an awesome time and I can't believe we all stayed up that late.

I dressed as a member of team Zissou from the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (a great movie by Wes Anderson). I knitted the red cap and added all the trim to some clothes I got at Goodwill. I even embroidered a little Zissou patch for the shirt. it turned out great!

I posted some pictures from the party here:
Halloween 2007

Saturday, Gregg was in town because his brother is insane and ran a 100-mile race. yes, I did type that correctly. it took him about 29 hours. that is crazy. (and people think I'm crazy for wanting to do the half marathon again in January. seriously.) Gregg and I hung out and had a good time. but it was a continuation of a week of not enough sleep. I need more sleep!

school + fun = not enough sleep

the end

Sunday, October 14, 2007

weekend exploits

ok, an update finally. I've been meaning to update more frequently, but I've been busy! and here's what I've been doing:

last weekend was awesome. I got some work done, but mostly I decided that I needed (and deserved) to have some fun. Friday night centered around two monthly events here in Phoenix. first we (me, Katie, amazon Natalie, Bruce, and Mike P - Angel and Brian met up with us later) went to Adults Night Out at the AZ Science Center. they had some free snacks, a cash bar, and the museum was free! it was lots of fun playing with the ferrofluids and fog machine and other cool things they had there. afterwards, we drove over to the First Friday Art Walk and perused some galleries. then, we headed to a cool bar and had a nice local beer and went home.
Saturday morning Katie and I woke up relatively early (for a Saturday), had a nice brunch and did some thrift store shopping. I found everything I needed for my Halloween costume so that was exciting. Katie also bought an awesome gold belt, among some other things. then we made a nice lunch, had some chocolate cake and watched tv. Sunday, we biked over to the Oktoberfest at the Tempe town beach park and volunteered for a few hours, selling beer to a few cute guys in lederhosen and lots of old drunk guys (to generalize). we got some free bratwurst, a t-shirt, and a beer, so it was totally worth it. plus it was a beautiful day (low 80s!). at the end of the weekend, I was pretty exhausted, but it was tons of fun.

this weekend was much more low-key. I needed to catch up on some sleep and get some reading done. check and check. but I did go to a concert last night, which was awesome. it was a Jazz in AZ 30th anniversary celebration concert and it was great. first there was a nice quartet with James Moody as a special guest. they did a lot of standard-type jazz. the headliners were the reason we went: Medeski, Martin, and Wood. we saw them a year or so ago, but I think they were even better this time. they are truly geniuses and I was amazed at the set they played. there are no words that fully express how good it was. lots of variety and unusual sounds, as usual. it was great.

school is going well. we finished working on a report for our grant, so I feel good that is done (and that we had interesting things to say). we started looking at the third country in our data set and that has proved interesting.

I posted some more pictures on flickr from my SLR that I got developed a few weeks ago. they are from things over the summer.

and the new Radiohead album is here! it's great and I'm so glad we didn't have to wait until next year for it. (and yes, I did pay for it. I wanted them to know that I appreciate their work.)