Monday, April 25, 2005


so we won our soccer game last night. it was actually a pretty boring game (we won 5-2), especially when compared to the two horrible games we had the previous weekend. both of those games were against our arch-rivals, the "twinkies" (yes, that's their actual team name, I'm not making fun of them) who are probably the meanest team in the league. they were hard games physically but they also weren't any fun because most of the guys on their team are jerks. so that kind of sucks. we won the first game and lost the second, mostly due to some really awful referee-ing. the guy actual didn't know some of the rules of the game and we were tempted to bring him a copy next time we saw him just so he would know what to call. it was ridiculous. anyway, that is over now, and we triumphed over them because we are first place in the league. woo hoo! go brilliant! so that's exciting.

what else is new:
-only two and a half weeks until the semester is over. I cannot wait. then I can start working on research and not have any more homework to do for a while. I will be working full time and studying all summer, but I think that will be good for me. hopefully it won't suck.
-I will be buying a car very shortly (probably in less than a month). still trying to finalize my decision as to what to get. I'm leaning towards a toyota corolla right now because of the reasonable price and the good gas mileage. we'll see. I kind of want a civic, but those get stolen so often it just doesn't seem smart. I don't know.
-weezer has a new cd coming out in a couple weeks. should be interesting. they are on the cover of rolling stone this week. very interesting article. rivers just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I just don't get it. I'm not still obsessed with them, but I am very curious to see what the new album will be like. I really really want to go to coachella this year to see them (and wilco since their show in arizona is now sold out - I am stupid and waited too long to get tickets) but it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen. so sad.
-it's starting to get hot here. last week was pushing into the 90s. but then it rained over the weekend, so I'm not sure what's going to happen. hopefully the weather waits a bit longer before it gets really gross. summer in phoenix; what was I thinking?

"happiness is in the doing, not getting what you want." -Before Sunset (such an amazing movie)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

a busy couple of weeks

so I haven't really posted since I got back from my spring break trip to Puerto Rico which is because I've super busy back at school. I'm still not used to this semester thing. we still have another month left of school, but then I'll be done in the beginning of may. what is that about? oh well, whatever, I'm not going to complain. only it feels like the semester will never end. I'm so glad we had quarters at ucsd. so much better.

anyway, school is going well in most respects. the really good news is that I have a research position for the summer months (for the parts of the day when I'm not studying my butt off for the stupid comprehensive exam at the end of august). so that should be fun (or at least interesting which almost as good). the other excellent news is that I'm going to the aapt (american association of physics teachers) national meeting in august as well and will be presenting a poster on some of the stuff I will be working on this summer. so that's cool. I'm super excited.
I also got another office, so now I have two offices in my building (one for TA stuff and one for research stuff). but the best part about it is that in my new office I also have my own laptop computer to use (with wireless) so I don't have to wait on the abysmally slow shared computers downstairs in the other office. haha suckers! lol.

and my soccer team kicks ass. we are 1 point away from first place now. brilliant!

also, the weather here is beautiful right now. I am trying to enjoy every day because I know that in about a month it is going to be hot and gross. oh well. at least it's nice right now.