Friday, March 16, 2007

Grand Canyon

so it's spring break. finally. I was doing work all the way up until when we left on Sunday. so here was the plan: me, Katie, Hwi, Angel, Michael, and Michael's brother who was visiting were going to drive up to Sedona on Sunday, have some lunch, then head over to Michael's boss's cabin near Flagstaff, then on Monday head up to the Grand Canyon for the day. there was also talk of going skiing instead, but the ski place was closed because it's ridiculously warm right now. (today, for instance, it is supposed to be 96 which is TWENTY degrees warmer than average. that is insane.) anyway, no skiing for us. we also talked about going to Meteor Crater, but we ran out of time so we're going to have to go some other day.

so we had lots of fun. some of the highlights were me kicking everyone's ass at ping pong at the cabin, playing rummikub, taking pictures of the stars with my newly restored old school SLR (I'm still waiting to see if those came out), the sweet potato fries in Sedona, 7000 bananas, and hiking along the rim of the Canyon.

I posted pictures in a bunch of places: flickr, picasa, and facebook so you are welcome to check them out at any of those places (the same ones are in all three though). here's a couple of my favorites:

since we've gotten back I've done a whole lot of nothing. it's been great. so far, I have watched the entire first season of Lost (I'm trying to catch up) and started a new book. Oh, I finished Special Topics in Calamity Physics last week. it was really great. one of the most interesting books I've read in a while (it's a novel and has nothing to do with physics, by the way). so you should all check that out.