Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye 2007

I know I haven't posted in a while. it's because I've been busy being a grad student. I'm even working during winter break. how fun. the end of the semester was crazy. in November and December we submitted a couple proposals for grants and conferences and finished most of the data analysis. plus, I had finals to deal with for three classes, plus an extra book chapter I volunteered to write. (plus soccer and all of the usual stuff.)

so now I'm saying goodbye to 2007 and hello 2008. it's going to be another crazy semester, but it's all going well. I have a few conferences to look forward to this year. one in New York City, another in Edmonton, Canada, and possibly some others in Baltimore and maybe even the Netherlands (here's hoping). plus, a couple papers will be submitted for publication as we're almost done with the current grant. the new project starts next week, so that should be exciting as well.

with the new year I hope to read more books (like the eight I got for Christmas to start with), take more pictures, and do more cooking at home. also, I want to do some more hiking, like maybe every weekend, and try to organize an overnight trip down in the Grand Canyon.

hope you all have a wonderful new year! Cheers!