Tuesday, February 19, 2008

some words of advice

back up your computer. do it today. don't wait until next week. just do it.
so my hard drive crashed on Sunday. I think I jinxed it because I had a discussion with Wendy the night before about how silly it is that some people don't back up their computers. so silly. well, when I came home from soccer on Sunday, my screensaver was frozen and I couldn't wake up the computer. when I tried to restart, I got the dreaded flashing file folder with the question mark. could not find operating system. so sad. I reset the PRAM and everything, but to no avail.
last night I took my macbook into the Apple store and they confirmed that it was indeed dead and were able to replace it right then and there (thank goodness for that! yay for applecare). the first thing the guy asked me was, 'did I back up?'. I replied, 'yes, a couple weeks ago. I didn't lose anything super important.' 'ok, good, you aren't going to cry on me. almost no one backs up.' basically I've lost a couple unimportant documents and a handful of pictures from hiking a couple weeks ago. no big deal. the major problem is that now I have to reinstall everything. it's like starting over with a new computer. so that's really annoying and is going to take a while to get back to "normal".
so yeah, people. back your stuff up! all hard drives are going to fail eventually. it is a certainty. I'm serious. external hard drives are cheap nowadays. buy one.

good news: didn't lose the pictures from my birthday because I hadn't downloaded them to my computer yet. hopefully I will post them later this week.