Friday, September 26, 2008

from the dog park

I'm blogging from the dog park! How cool is that? I bought an iPhone two weeks ago and it is amazing. Every time the phone rings I get excited.
School is going alright. I am super busy trying to finish writing this papaer that we need to submit for publication in a couple weeks. it is really interesting and it's going well, but we just got some more data yesterday that I now need to analyze and fold into the existing paper. Oh well.

In other news, I am now on twitter. Check out my tweets at

Sunday, September 07, 2008

second week of school = over

tomorrow begins week three of the semester from hell. luckily it doesn't seem that bad so far. I have a manageable amount of work right now and I awesomely scheduled everything so I have Fridays to sit at home and do work (reading, writing, internet surfing, catching up on TV, etc.). so maybe it won't be hell per say, but just some form of punishment (for what, I don't know).

speaking of hell, last weekend as I was driving to California for a Labor Day Weekend of sitting on the beach with my family I had a blowout on the freeway. the good news was that I was able to get over to the side of the road quickly and safely and I wasn't far from my house (only about ten miles) and therefore close to the Toyota place and not in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. the bad news was that I couldn't get the stupid tire off by myself and had to call a tow truck which took forever to get there and then I had to wait three hours at the Toyota place while they put on new tires (oh, and a drive belt that I also needed). needless to say, it was a very expensive and frustrating five hour detour to the beach. after that, I got to California just fine (and thanks to my new tires, with excellent gas mileage) and had a lovely weekend laying on the beach and hanging out with my brother and cousins. the hardest part of the weekend was resisting the urge to try and talk some sense into my mostly Republican family. oh well.