Tuesday, July 17, 2007

surfing and stuff

ok, finally an update! here's what's been going on with me for the past few weeks:

-Katie's birthday. it was tons of fun (link to pictures proving that we had lots of fun). we started at her house and then walked over to Casey Moore's, had some drinks, walked back, and passed out. a good time was had by all, especially Katie. :)

-4th o' July. a last minute barbecue was organized at Robert's apartment (which was perfect - the pool was in the shade so we could actually be outside during the day). we cooked lots of good food, watched part the Project Runway marathon, and played with Kobe, Robert's dog. later we journeyed over to the physics building and climbed up on the roof to get a good view of the fireworks at Tempe Town Lake. (here are some more pictures of that.)

-school! I've been getting lots of work done lately so that's great. I have a conference in North Carolina in a few weeks, so I wrote a paper for that (it's amazing how hard it is to turn a 50+ page paper into a 4 page paper) and still need to get a poster together. should be good.

-San Diego. last weekend, Katie, Hwi, Katie's friend E-Chiao, and me took a little road trip to sunny San Diego. we basically wanted to escape the heat of Phoenix (it's been around 115 lately) and Katie really wanted to go surfing. so we did. :) I took them to La Jolla Shores and we spent most of Saturday there taking turns with the two boards we rented. the weather was absolutely perfect (80 and sunny), and the ocean sort-of cooperated (there was a pretty strong rip current which kind of sucked). afterwards we had awesome burgers at Jeff's Burgers and then headed back to Hillcrest where we were staying with Chad, a friend of E-Chiao's. Chad was awesome. Saturday night we went to an art walk type thing, had some yummy pizza, and then went to a swing dance event in Balboa Park. all in all, it was a great day. the next morning we slept in a bit, went to the nearby farmer's market for some yummy food, then had a great brunch at the Cafe on Park. then it was a long trip back for us. but it was a great weekend. here are some pictures (click on the one below to see the whole album):
San Diego July 2007

-harry potter and the deathly hallows. I'm so so excited. I cannot wait for Friday night. however, I am getting paranoid about finding out spoilers before then (or anytime before I finish the book later in the weekend). my plan as of now is to basically go into seclusion once I get the book; i.e., no computer, phone, etc. but apparently the book got leaked on the internet today. so that sucks. I just hope I don't have to hide myself before Friday.