Friday, September 28, 2007

lots o' school and stuff

so I survived another week of this semester from no-sleep hell. well, ok, yes, I have been sleeping a little bit. but not nearly as much as I need to. normally the weekend is a good time to catch up on it, but I've been busy most weekends. which is good. I like being busy and hanging out with people and having fun. but sometimes I just want to push pause and take a little break.
anyway, school is going well. I like my classes. I like them even though I have about 200-300 pages of reading to do for them every week. the reading is interesting. and I like reading. so there. and my adviser is still great and my research is still really interesting. I made lots of data tables this week. it was great!
last weekend, Jeremy came to visit. his sister was getting married here, so we hung out with his family, went to the wedding, ate some in-n-out, drank lots of beer and wine, and took a lot of naps. lots of fun.

things I'm looking forward to: more reading. a couple concerts that I bought tickets for today: Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Oct 13) and the Polyphonic Spree and Rooney (Nov 3). yay! and maybe Rilo Kiley in a couple weeks. we'll see. also, the weather is cooling down: I actually opened my bedroom window this week. hooray!